Sell my car

1. Drive your existing car to our showroom

Cars are tested according to strict bravoauto standards

2. We will assess the condition of the car and agree with you on the repurchase price.

We will give an unbiased and professional assessment of the car and agree on the best purchase-sale price. We will determine your cars value.

3. Choose the car that best suits your needs.

Choose any used car model and you will pay part of the price with your existing vehicle!

4. We will help you to settle all the necessary documents.

We will quickly settle the existing car
sale and your new car documents. We offer excellent leasing and insurance services. We will also help to register the car.

5. You will purchase the used car cheaper and faster with us.

Avoid many worries related to getting a new car, save time and you will buy a used car more easily with us.
If you use bravoauto buyback offers, you will be able to sit in your new car much faster!

Find out the value of your car!


Take advantage of the Trade-In or car buyback options - turn your existing car into a down payment for the purchase of a reliable used car!